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Evolution and Ecology

EVE 134 students and Professor Brad Shaffer hike up Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert.

EVE 134 students and Professor Brad Shaffer hike up Kelso Dunes in the Mojave Desert.

Source: Joseph L. Huang, former EEB undergraduate and Peer Advisor

EEB Bachelor of Science Requirements for 2010-2012

All students new to the EEB bachelor’s degree program starting in Fall 2010 must follow these new requirements.

A worksheet of the degree requirements is available as a pdf.

College of Biological Sciences Requirements

  • Total Units: 180

  • Upper-division units: 64

  • Residence (35 of last 45 units)

  • English Comp. Exam 1 lower division and 1 upper division course

  • General Education

  • GPA in major (2.0):

    • All required courses
    • Upper-division courses (including CHE 118 series)

Preparatory Subject Matter (55-65 units)

  • Biological Sciences (14 units): 2A-2B-2C

  • Chemistry (15 units): 2A-2B-2C

  • Chemistry (6-12 units): 8A-8B or 118A-118B-118C

  • Mathematics* (8-12 units): 17A-17B-17C, or 21A-21B (21C recommended)

    • Mathematics 16A-16B-16C accepted to fulfill this requirement only for transfer students admitted prior to fall 2013.
  • Physics (12 units): 7A-7B-7C

Depth Subject Matter (49 or more units)

  • Biological Sciences (10 - 13 units): 101, 105 (or 102 + 103), 104

  • Evolution and Ecology (8 units): 100, 101

  • Statistics (4-8 units): 100, 102, or 130A-130B

Additional upper division course work in biological science to achieve a total of 49 or more units, including at least 2 units (6 hours per week) of laboratory or fieldwork. Include at least one course from the Biodiversity and two courses from the Advanced Evolution and Ecology areas of study below.


Advanced Evolution and Ecology

  • Evolution and Ecology 102, 103, 104, 107, 115, 117, 119, 120, 131, 138, 141, 147, 149, 150, 180A and 180B, 181

Biological Science Electives

The following courses are acceptable toward the fulfillment of the upper division biological sciences requirement in the B.S. major program and may be selected without advisor approval. Other elective courses are approved on an individual basis by petition through an advisor.

Variable Unit Courses

A maximum of 4 units of variable-unit courses (numbered 192, 198, 199) may be applied to upper division elective requirements. Evolution and Ecology majors may not substitute course 192 for the upper division laboratory requirement. Courses numbered 197T are not applicable to the upper division elective unit requirement.