Professor Arthur Shapiro in a shot from Weeping Rocks (Courtesy Karlis Bergs)

Documentary to Feature Distinguished Professor of Evolution and Ecology

Arthur Shapiro and a new film about how insects affect our ecosystem

A new film is in the works with more than one UC Davis connection.

Weeping Rocks, a feature-length documentary that focuses on the role of insects in our ecosystem, spotlights the work of Professor Art Shapiro in the College of Biological Sciences and is produced by Jackii Chun ’10.

The documentary looks at climate change through scientific research of those who study insects. Shapiro, a distinguished professor of evolution and ecology at UC Davis, has been counting butterflies for 50 years. His long-term data points to disturbing decreases in butterfly abundance across California. The name of the film comes from a site in Nevada County that drips water constantly, producing a lush, tropical effect — and attracting butterflies.