Mission Statement

The Population Biology Student Diversity Committee (PopBio SDC) exists to increase and support student diversity in the Population Biology Graduate Group. As graduate students, we formed this committee in 2016 to facilitate the recruitment and participation of students from diverse backgrounds. We also seek to raise awareness about barriers to the participation of underrepresented groups in science and how our community can create positive change. Specifically, we aim to identify and implement methods of increasing student diversity in the program and to create a positive culture within the program that highlights and supports multiple axes of diversity. Our mission aligns closely with the UC Davis Principles of Community and supports the Population Biology Graduate Group’s goal of fostering an inclusive, creative, and impactful community of scientists.

We are currently working on updating this website, developing approaches to increase the diversity in the application pool, and continually trying to create a supportive community in our graduate program.


If you have any questions about life as a Population Biology graduate student at UC Davis, we put together a list of current students willing to discuss particular topics:

  Name Advisor Contact Expertise
erin.jpeg Erin Calfee Graham Coop ecalfee@ucdavis.edu Academic backgrounds outside of biology, required coursework concerns, women in science
http://www.eve.ucdavis.edu/grosberg/images/grad_stud_photos/Serena-Caplins.jpg Serena Caplins Richard Grosberg sacaplins@ucdavis.edu First generation students, GRE scores, women in science
http://fishlab.ucdavis.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/397/2011/01/Corn-with-crab-225x300.jpg Katherine Corn Peter Wainwright kacorn@ucdavis.edu Women in science, quantitative coursework concerns, general app questions
Robin Decker Alan Hastings rrdecker@ucdavis.edu Student parents, student caregivers, first generation students, women in science

Fernanda Guizar

Santiago Ramirez mfguizar@ucdavis.edu International students, Latinx students
Asher Hudson Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra aihudson@ucdavis.edu LGBTQIA topics, moving to California
Melissa Kardish Melissa Kardish Jay Stachowicz mrkardish@ucdavis.edu Women in STEM, general app questions, moving to California
Kristin Lee

Graham Coop

krmlee@ucdavis.edu Women in science, moving to California (midwest)
vicky_ocean.jpeg Victoria Morgan Richard Grosberg vmmorgan@ucdavis.edu Underrepresented minority students, Black/African American students, GRE score concerns
Life/easton_headshot_by_water_small.jpg Easton White Alan Hastings eawhite@ucdavis.edu First generation students, moving to California, GRE score concerns
Sivan Yair Graham Coop ssyair@ucdavis.edu Current first-year experience, moving to California, women in science